Where to buy grout for tile and tile adhesive?

So before you start tiling you need to choose best for you tile adhesive and grout for tile. It’s not easy one – firstly you need to ask you question – what’s most important for me? After that you can start searching for company, we found some of them for your:

  • Wickes – trade company from UK
  • Cartel-Dal tile adhesive & grout for tile
  • Ultra offers Ready Mixed Wall Tile Adhesive
  • BAL – you can get it from Tops tiles shop

…and many other companies… just think what you need and compare!

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How to tile?

When you start redecorating your flat, you will do kitchen or bathroom – tiling is first job you need to do. It will add quality to the room immediately. With a moment of use and proper tools you will do it same as professional tilers do!

You should start your work with a smooth, which helps applying tiles. You can use tile remover to remove old ones, after that fill in wholes using grout for tile.

After that you can apply tile adhesive and slowly affix your tiles. Don’t forget to use spacers to be sure your tiles are in right placement.

When all ready leave it to dry adhesive – probably 24 hours, but check instruction on box from your adhesive. When all done you can clean your floor and it’s ready!

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